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A man interviews for future employment and discloses worker's comp claim

Even when people are seriously and legitimately injured at work, they can sometimes be reluctant to file a claim or go through with hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer for fear of losing their jobs or affecting their future employment. Luckily, there are laws in place to prevent employer retaliation and to ensure that employee’s right to a safe work environment. 

When Looking for New Employment, Be Truthful

When seeking a new job, your new employer may ask you about past injuries if they could reasonably impact your ability to do your new job (depending on the type of work). While a company could choose not to hire you if your ongoing injury or illness makes you unqualified or unable to perform the duties of the job, they cannot deny you employment because of a previous workers’ compensation claim. 

Still, it’s always best to be honest about your injuries and limitations. If you lie, you could be denied future workers’ compensation benefits if your injury becomes aggravated while performing work-related duties. 

Don’t Bad Mouth Your Previous Employer

Workers’ compensation cases or workplace injuries can be emotional and tough to go through. You may feel resentment toward your employer for the way that they or their insurance carrier handled the claim or you may feel that you should have received more compensation than what was awarded. Even so, it’s important that you continue to act professionally in public. This includes while you are giving testimony as part of the case, but also extends to social media posts or public discussion of your case. 

If, after your case, you are bad mouthing your past employer or posting things about your unfair settlement amount, this could be seen as a red flag by a future employer. Whether or not your statements are justified, they may see it as a sign that you are unprofessional.

The Benefit of Working with a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

One of the long-term benefits of working with a workers’ compensation lawyer is that everything will be done correctly. Your attorney will encourage and guide you to file your claim on time, follow your medical professional’s treatment plan, and provide clear and honest testimonials. Then, if your new or prospective employer looks into your past workers’ compensation claim, they will see that the claim was legitimate and that you complied with all aspects of the process. 

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