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The Wrightsville Lime Kilns, located in the historic town of Marietta, PA, represent a significant part of the area’s industrial heritage. These well-preserved kilns offer a unique glimpse into the lime production industry, which played a crucial role in the region’s development during the 18th and 19th centuries.


The lime kilns at Wrightsville are a testament to the importance of lime in the building and agricultural industries of the past. Lime, produced by heating limestone, was an essential material for construction and soil conditioning. The kilns at Wrightsville are some of the few remaining structures that showcase this important industrial process.


The kilns themselves are notable for their architectural design and construction. Built from local stone, these structures have withstood the test of time and serve as a physical reminder of the area’s industrial past. Their preservation allows visitors to appreciate the ingenuity and craftsmanship of earlier generations.


The Wrightsville Lime Kilns are not only historical structures but also serve as an educational site. Visitors can learn about the process of lime production, its historical significance, and its impact on the development of the region. The site is a valuable resource for understanding the industrial history of Marietta and Lancaster County.


Ongoing preservation efforts at the Wrightsville Lime Kilns highlight the community’s commitment to protecting its historical heritage. These efforts ensure that future generations can learn from and appreciate these industrial relics.

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