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Personal injuries caused by motor-vehicle accidents can include a plethora of different types of trauma – from brain damage and broken bones to whiplash, scarring, disfigurement, or wrongful death.  Though a motor-vehicle accident may take place over the course of seconds, the physical and psychological reverberations can last a lifetime.


Are you or a family member dealing with one or more motor-vehicle-related personal injuries?  Have you filed an insurance claim only to experience a questionable delay?  When will you be able to return to work?  What do you need to make your life as normal as possible, again?  The questions are many and they can generate a good deal of anxiety – welcome to Georgelis Injury Law Firm.  This is where peace-of-mind and maximized compensation go hand-in-hand!


Having our motor-vehicle personal-injury law office on your side means complicated legal intricacies will be handled by a team of attorneys dedicated to handling these types of cases.  It means insurance-company employees won’t succeed in finding every way possible to minimize your deserved compensation.  It means your interests will be protected through every stage of the claims process.


Accident victims reap greater benefits when a personal-injury law firm becomes their staunch legal ally before they contact an insurance company.


The Quicker You’re Protected By Our Law Office, the Better


The longer one is not represented by strong legal counsel, the more time insurance companies have to build their case—working to delay a claim, diminished the amount paid, or outright deny a legitimate claim.


Also, an insurance adjuster might tell you that you don’t need an attorney, and the reason is simple:  the insurance company doesn’t want you to benefit from an accident attorney who will fight for the full compensatory amount you deserve.  Before accepting what the insurance company has to say, contact our motor-vehicle personal-injury law office – after all, insurance companies know unrepresented claimants can be easily persuaded!


At Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C., our motor-vehicle personal-injury attorneys utilize their moxie, their professionalism, and their experience to garner real results for real people who are really hurting –physically, emotionally, relationally, and/or monetarily.


What Compensation Will You Receive?


Our motor-vehicle personal-injury law office – located in Lancaster County, PA – is known for the substantial recoveries we secure for our clients.  We leave no stone unturned as we determine what any claimant might receive for:


  • Damage to personal property
  • Medical visits
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Lost wages and earnings potential
  • Surgical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost companionship, and more


Insurance companies may not be forthcoming when it comes to the different kinds of damages you may qualify for.  Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C., however, will shine a spotlight on the facts and the truth, and fight for every type of compensation you are entitled to!  If insurance companies have powerful attorneys who fight for them, shouldn’t you have the same advantage?


Maximized Compensations Change Lives


At Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C., we fight, uncompromisingly, for truth and justice.  From a $1,400,000 auto accident recovery case, to a $1.25 million motorcycle injury claim, to a $300,000 dog-bite recovery, to a $1.5 million commercial trucking accident award, to a $165,000 slip-and-fall settlement, our commanding knowledge means our clients benefit from our impressive track record that reflects more than 100 jury trials and thousands of personal injury and work-related claims.


Our law firm has recovered more than $60,000,000 for Lancaster County’s injured workers and accident victims.  Our success-driven strategies make all the difference with situations that involve:


Motor-Vehicle/Personal-Injury Accidents with Other Vehicles


If your motor-vehicle accident occurred with a car, truck, SUV, semi, commercial van, or other vehicle, the insurance company will address the case, almost immediately, working out how it can withhold as much of the claimant’s compensation as possible!  The insurance company will utilize every opportunity to limit what they will pay you.


Whether your accident involved an intoxicated or distracted driver, poor road conditions, inclement weather, or other contributing factors, our accident attorneys will uncover any damaging maneuverings the insurance company may employ – give us a call to discuss your situation!


Motor-Vehicle/Personal-Injury Accidents with Motorcycles or Bicycles


Were you on a motorcycle or a bicycle when you were hit by a motor vehicle?  You will reap the benefits of our accident attorneys’ imposing knowledge of the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code.  Our legal team will take up the battle against dominant insurance company attorneys who will attempt to minimize your monetary compensation – we will not allow this to happen under our watch!


Motor-Vehicle/Personal-Injury Accidents with Pedestrians


At any given time, you will see pedestrians who are perilously close to moving vehicles – whether jogging on sidewalks, waiting in crosswalks, opening parked-car doors on busy streets, and other situations.  As an injured pedestrian, you want a legal team who will fight for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, cost of disability accommodations, and more.


The statute-of-limitations, however, means you must present a claim for injuries within a set amount of time in order to qualify for compensation.  Let us know about your motor-vehicle/pedestrian accident, right away!


Motor-Vehicle/Personal-Injury Accidents with Distracted Drivers


Distracted driving causes serious accidents due to mobile phones being used while behind the wheel.  Phone data can be the critical piece of evidence in a motor-vehicle accident that could substantiate who was at fault.  Our accident and personal-injury attorneys can utilize cell-phone evidence to bolster the defense of your case!


Other distractions such as eating, searching for lost items, and using headphones while driving can lead to collisions, within split seconds.  If you feel distracted driving contributed to your accident and your injuries, our legal team will help you take the next step, forward!


Don’t Settle for Less – Demand the Best!


Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C. has been voted the #1 law firm in Lancaster County, PA as part of Lancaster County Magazine‘s Best-of-Lancaster Survey, for 8 years running!  Our law firm’s trial lawyers have achieved success in over 99% of their cases!


Our motor-vehicle personal-injury legal team is, continually, accessible.  We are available to meet with you during evenings and on weekends at your home, your office, the hospital, or rehab center.   We will avail ourselves to answer your questions, keep you updated, and address any concerns.  We promise to put your mind at ease as we work towards the compensation you deserve and the closure you desire.


Also, our clients pay no out-of-pocket expenses.  Our law firm receives a fee only through successful recoveries!


Contact Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C., Right Now!


Lost time can result in lost compensation – contact our legal team, immediately!  Our Lancaster County neighbors can reach our law office in various ways:


  • Call 1-800-HURT NOW or 717-394-3004.
  • Visit and start a LIVE CHAT.
  • Fill out our ‘Get A Free Consultation’ form located throughout our website.  One of our motor-vehicle personal-injury attorneys will reach out to you, promptly!


Though COVID-19 continues to run its course, our legal team remains on course to ensure our clients have access to the finest legal representation, possible.  Enhanced measures are in place for the safety of our patrons and our dedicated staff.  Though COVID-19 may be relentless, so are we.  Justice will be served!

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