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When needed, locating a good car-accident lawyer is a good thing, but locating an exceptional car-accident lawyer is critical!  Hello, and welcome to Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C., in Lancaster, PA.  Our top car-accident lawyers serve families and individuals in Lancaster County, PA and beyond.  We are ready to help you fight back if you have been involved in a car accident, and are concerned about receiving the full medical coverage and/or financial compensation you deserve.

Without legal representation, you will be left alone to tackle a huge insurance company and its powerful lawyers.  They will go to great lengths to delay, diminish, or deny your claim – your emotional and physical pain is not their concern, but it is ours!  Our car-accident lawyers will not allow you to become victimized by the insurance industry.

As we fight for your rights, be assured we will be with you every step of the way and will do everything in our power to obtain justice for you and your family.  Our accident lawyers who serve Lancaster County offer a proven history of favorable verdicts and substantial settlements.


Winning Is What our Top Accident Lawyers Do

From a $1,400,000 auto-accident recovery case and a $300,000 dog-bite award to a $165,000 slip-and-fall settlement, to a $1,250,000 motorcycle accident award, our results-driven strategies mean our Lancaster County clients are in superb hands!  Our victories include thousands of personal-injury and work-related claims, and our legal team has recovered more than $50,000,000 for Lancaster County’s injured workers and accident victims.

We’re With You, When It Matters

No matter the circumstances behind your car accident, our car-accident lawyers will be with you!

Car Accidents with Other Drivers – The moment an auto accident occurs, the insurance company begins working to limit what they will pay.  Whether accidents involve hit & runs, DUI crashes, distracted drivers, etc., our Lancaster car-accident lawyers will fight any insurance company which attempts to limit your medical coverage and financial recovery.

Car Accidents with Motorcyclists– Did a car hit you while you were on your motorcycle?  Our court-experienced car-accident lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for Lancaster County’s injured motorcycle riders.  Suffering from amputations, broken bones, spinal-cord damage, and more can generate huge, on-going medical bills.

Georgelis Law has been fighting for the rights of motorcycle riders for 20 years!  Our clients reap the rewards of our lawyers’ commanding knowledge of the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code.  Our legal team will take up the battle against prominent insurance companies backed by powerful attorneys who will attempt to diminish your monetary compensation – we won’t let that happen!

Car Accidents with Bicyclists – Whether you were in a car or on a bicycle during a car/bike accident, it must be determined who was at fault.  Pennsylvania has some of the toughest laws regarding the legal distance between moving cars and bicycles.  Both car drivers and bicyclists must follow the legally-established rules of the road.

Our record of success behind our 100+ injury trials lets insurance companies know they are up against a powerful foe if they attempt to limit the full medical benefits and monetary compensation our clients deserve.

Car Accidents with Pedestrians – When pedestrians ignore crosswalks or text while walking or when cars speed in pedestrian-filled areas, accidents are inevitable and liabilities ensue.

Whether you were a pedestrian or a driver when this type of accident happened, contact Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C., right away!  As with any accident, statutes-of-limitation mean you must present a claim for injuries within a set amount of time in order to qualify for compensation.

Car Accidents with Commercial Vehicles – Did your car and a commercial vehicle collide?  Were you a passenger in a commercial vehicle during a collision with a car?  Proving negligence for a commercial driver can be challenging since big-company lawyers will be dispatched to a commercial-vehicle accident, immediately.

At the scene of the accident, or after, never agree to give any statement – recorded or otherwise – nor sign any papers for an insurance company representative.  The reason is this:  big-company lawyers will hope to catch you revealing information that could jeopardize your claim!

Car Accidents with Tractor-Trailers – Tractor-trailer wrecks happen due to distracted driving, lack of sleep, tailgating, and numerous other reasons.  Recovering compensation related to tractor-trailer wrecks is what our personal-injury lawyers do – it’s one of our areas of expertise!  Once we accept your claim, you will have powerful legal representation on your side!

Car Accidents with Distracted Drivers – Distracted driving has become increasingly problematic due to those who use their mobile phones, while driving.  Cell phone data can be the critical piece of evidence in a car collision that could help to substantiate who was at fault.

After an accident, it is not uncommon for a mobile-phone-distracted driver to try and blame or accuse the other driver of using a mobile phone when, in actuality, it becomes proven to not be the case.  Our car-accident lawyers can gather and interpret cell-phone record evidence to prove who was, truly, at fault.

Are you being falsely accused of using your mobile phone while driving?  Waste no time with calling our legal team, today!

Don’t Settle for Less – Demand the Best!

Georgelis Law has been voted the #1 law firm in Lancaster County, PA as part of Lancaster County Magazine‘s Best-of-Lancaster Survey for 7 years running!

Our legal team is accessible 24/7 for you!  We are available to meet with you during evenings and on weekends.  We can visit with you at your home, your office, the hospital, or rehab center.  We will work around your schedule and your needs.

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