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At Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C., ethics is extremely important to us, and that attribute is equally important to you!  Our knowledge and standards of excellence are recognized throughout Lancaster, PA, Pennsylvania and the country.  Our record of achievement, alone, is noteworthy!


From a $1.8 million motorcycle accident claim to a $300,000 dog-bite award to a $550,000 slip-and-fall settlement to a $1,450,000 commercial truck victory to a $1.4 million auto crash recovery, we leave no stone unturned to ensure our clients receive the fullest, maximum compensation.


With combined litigation experience of over 100 years, our legal professionals are responsible for the successful outcomes of more than 100 jury trials and thousands of personal-injury and work-related injury claims.  You can be assured we go to battle on your behalf with any employer or insurance company who may attempt to minimize, deny, or delay your full and rightful compensation!


The personal-injury lawyer team at Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C. has recovered more than $60,000,000 for Lancaster County’s injured workers and accident victims within the following areas of practice:


Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents These types of accidents can occur due to slippery floors, defective pavement or sidewalks, snowy or icy parking lots & walkways, inadequate lighting, falling objects – the list goes on.  Locations can include apartment complexes, pools, construction sites, a neighbor’s/friend’s home, a retail store, amusement parks, restaurants, movie theaters, and other venues.


Construction Accidents Our personal-injury lawyers will develop a strategic plan to recover benefits and compensation for you from every viable source – the workers’ compensation system, liability insurance, and/or a lawsuit against negligent third parties.


Whether your personal injury was due to defective machinery, weak scaffolding, a fire, electrocution, lifting/repetitive motion, exposure to toxic substances, etc., you can know that Georgelis Law will be by your side from start to finish.  Our Lancaster personal-injury lawyers will guide you towards closure and maximized recoveries.


Animal/Dog-Bite Claims – Our team at Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C. is comprised of pet-owning animal lovers, and we have passionately donated to the ASPCA and other animal rights/welfare organizations for years!  With that said, we remain objective regarding animal bites and the serious consequences they can have – nerve damage, scarring, disfigurement and emotional trauma, to name a few.


Our personal-injury attorneys will investigate a variety of sources to recover for your damages:  a homeowner’s policy, an umbrella policy, a commercial or residential property’s liability policy, or a renter’s insurance policy.  The devastating effects of animal bites – whether a dog or other animal – can leave a victim facing physical, psychological, and financial devastation.  Our top-tier personal-injury lawyer team fully understands Pennsylvania’s animal attack laws, how to assess the severity of the injuries, and how to seek fair compensation.  You’re in excellent hands here!


Business Property Injuries – Reasonable, proactive and ongoing maintenance must be employed by business owners to ensure the public is not subjected to dangerous situations.  Restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, and other business properties must take precautions regarding bunched carpeting, uneven sidewalks, newly polished or mopped floors, or entrances and walkways that have become snow or ice impacted.  Faulty stairs or handrails can pose a safety threat, as well.  When slips and falls or other accidents happen on business properties of any kind, our lawyers will determine if the property owner is legally at fault – whether wholly, partially, or at all.


Our personal-injury lawyers in Lancaster, PA have handled countless of these types of cases, and we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients.


Commercial Parking Lot Injuries – Commercial parking lots aren’t always as safe as they may appear.  Cars pulling out of parking spaces too soon or too quickly, vehicles not yielding to pedestrians exiting stores, weather conditions, and ‘run-away’ carts can contribute to a host of injuries – even death.  Any type of serious personal injury can occur in a commercial parking lot, just like anywhere else.


For this reason, Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C. has made it a priority to become very acquainted with medical insight to enhance our understanding of the medicine behind neck, back, and spine injuries.  That insight, along with persuasive depositions from orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons, generates maximized financial recoveries for our Lancaster clients.


Premises Liabilities – Being injured or hurt on someone else’s business or personal property could mean a right to recover damages.  Slippery floors, falling objects, pavement defects, loose handrails, inadequate lighting, faulty playground equipment, etc. can be bases for liability.  Venues can include restaurants, grocery stores, retail establishments, apartment complexes, backyard pools, private residences, and other locations.  Give Georgelis Law a call regarding any premises liability concern at 1-800-HURT-NOW.

No Out-of-Pocket Fees = No Worries!


At Georgelis Law, if you do not receive compensation, you do not pay – no fee unless you win, and that is our promise to you!  Many people fail to pursue legal counsel thinking a personal-injury attorney would be too costly – dismiss that thought!


A contingency fee allows our clients to avoid having to pay, unless and until, the claim or lawsuit results in a recovery of money for the client.  You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you have nothing to lose, and, possibly, much to gain by calling our personal-injury team right now!


The moment we take your case, you will find yourself in the company of powerful legal allies who will laser-focus their attention towards the intricacies of your case and seek full justice!


Our personal-injury lawyer team will be continually available to answer your questions, keep you updated, and address any concerns.  We promise to put your mind at ease as we utilize our powerful strategy campaigns to garner the compensation you deserve and the closure you long for!


Personal Injuries – Getting the Most Compensation


Insurance companies, of course, are out to make a profit.  They are also intent on safeguarding their financial assets.  At times, they will attempt to reduce what accident and injury victims might qualify for.  To ensure that doesn’t happen, there are things you can do to increase your chances of a sizable financial recovery in the event of an accident:


Do not admit fault since your perception of what happened may not be entirely accurate.  Do not tell the other party, nor a police officer, that you accept full or partial blame for the accident.  Don’t even apologize since that could be considered an admission of guilt by the insurance company.


Do not waive a police report even if the accident seems minor.  Not filing a police report could give your insurance company a legitimate reason to not cover medical bills, etc.  Obtaining the other person’s information is not enough and, by the way, it could be bogus or inaccurate.


Do not assume you are OK since some injuries may surface days, weeks, or months after a personal-injury accident has taken place.  A bump on the head could eventually prove to be a more serious injury, and the full impact of whiplash can take time to surface as well. It is critical to get fully examined by a medical professional to be sure.  Your medical report could help, dramatically, with the defense of your case.


Do not speak with the insurance company of the property owner or at-fault party. These insurance companies have their insured and their own financial best interest in mind, not your best interest. Giving any kind of a statement—whether written or verbal, recorded or not, etc.—could compromise the strength and value of your claim.


Do contact one of our top personal-injury lawyers – this should be one of the first steps you take after a personal-injury accident has occurred.  Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C. will contact the insurance company and navigate the maze of legal avenues for you and we will make sure your rights are fully protected!


Your Injuries Have Worth


Placing worth on your personal injury takes a great deal of legal experience.  Every client and every case are treated with care and compassion, and our legal team is highly-skilled at winning the most money for injured victims.


We are very familiar with excellent claim values and the maximum compensation our clients require to resume their lives as normally as possible.


The two biggest factors in valuing your case hinge on the liability of the property owner or negligent person, business or other entity involved, and extent of the damages—i.e., economic and non-economic losses, like out-of-pocket medical expenses, pain and suffering, present and future wage loss. Our legal team will scrutinize every meticulous detail to ensure a desired outcome is realized.


A payout could range from thousands of dollars to a million dollars or more depending on the accident and the degree of any pain and suffering.  Pain and suffering is often dependent on how serious the personal injuries are.  Our top personal-injury lawyers understand the value of your case due to our decades of experience.


After it’s all said and done, our personal-injury lawyers will go toe-to-toe with highly-trained insurance company negotiators to ensure you and your right to maximum compensation are fully protected and fully promoted!


Don’t Settle for Less – Demand the Best!


Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C.’s history of success translates into being voted the #1 law firm in Lancaster County as part of Lancaster County Magazine‘s Best-of-Lancaster Survey for 8 years running!


Georgelis Law Firm is selectively comprised of two former Lancaster County Assistant District Attorneys, a former Philadelphia Insurance Defense Lawyer, and the former President Judge of the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas.


While you or your loved one heal, our team will handle every detailed nuance of your case.  From interacting with the insurance companies, to helping you navigate your medical care, to being available to address your concerns–we promise to put your mind at ease and fight for the money you deserve, and help you reach the closure you desire!


Another component that recognizes Georgelis Law as a top-tier legal firm is our personal-injury lawyer team being available evenings and weekends to meet with Lancaster clients.  We can visit you at your home, your office, the hospital, or rehab center.  We will work around your schedule and your needs!


You’re Entitled to a Free Consultation


During this trying time, you will want the strongest legal counsel possible.  The first step towards achieving that goal is to put your mind at ease and to Get a Free Consultation.  Just answer a few simple questions.  A personal-injury lawyer will reach out to you within 24 hours.


Once you speak with one of our personal-injury lawyers, we’re completely confident your feelings of fear and frustration will be replaced by feelings of encouragement and peace-of-mind!


You can also enjoy the benefits of a Live Chat for immediate interaction from a member of our legal team.  You can feel assurance knowing you have real-time assistance, 24/7!


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Time is of the essence – lost time can result in lost compensation!  Those in Lancaster, PA can reach our legal team today.  We are available for our clients at all times.


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